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Changing perceptions in the certification industry✈️| Auditing Guru | Educator | Keynote Speaker

You can achieve ISO 9001, or any other standard, and put in place systems and controls that will meet the requirements and keep the business compliant. You can put in a level of effort to maintain the certification by implementing some basic management controls. Many organisations will implement the minimum requirements but rarely go above and beyond the intention of the standard.

I have been auditing now for almost 20 years. I see all kinds of systems, from the not even close to meeting it, through the getting over the liners, all the way up to the organisations that are…

First Things First

There are many different tools organisations can use to monitor their business, and determine which one suits your needs can lead to confusion.

Within ISO Certification requirements, you must set objectives that may appear pretty straight forward but then throw into the mix a requirement to identify KPIs. Many organisations then struggle around this concept and end up using KPIs for objectives because they don’t understand the difference.

If organisations use KPIs as objectives, they would not be meeting the requirements. …

Many years ago, probably in the 1994 version of the ISO standards organization would identify their root cause for complaints and non-conformances as human error. Then as the standards changed they would not allow human error to be identified as the root cause as on its own it would not identify the root cause.

As the systems have evolved over the years the human error has been brought back into play but badged as human factors and it is a perfectly acceptable part of root cause analysis if used in the correct way.

ISO 9001 refers to human factors within…

What is the OASIS Database?

The OASIS database is the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System. The OASIS database is an online system for tracking and viewing organisations within the Aerospace sector that have certification to one of the aerospace standards.

It was developed with the intention of enabling the Aerospace Scheme standards; AS9100, AS9120 and AS9110 to be as open and transparent as possible. It is also intended to help regulate the certification process and weed out fraudulent certificates which often occur within the certification industry.

We often receive emails and calls from organisations wishing to validate a certificate they have received from a supplier…

What is Context of the Organisation?

Context of the Organisation is one of the newer requirements of the ISO Certification standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and even scheme standards such as AS9100, AS9120 etc. When I say new, it’s still been around for five years, and many auditors still struggle to audit the requirement effectively.

First of all, let me elaborate on what they mean by the context of the organisation; most of you are probably scratching your head and asking, “what the hell is the context of an organisation?”

Simply put, the context of the organisation is all about understanding the…


Interested Parties is one of the newer elements within the ISO standards and I think its important to understand what the purpose is for this new element before giving some insight into how you may wish to control and manage this process.

To give some background, the requirement for ISO management systems is now to shift your focus towards risk, you should be building your management systems around the areas of risk and implementing suitable mitigations. Believe it or not, the stakeholders of standards wish for you to remain in business as well as ensuring the quality and service is…

I first started off with the title of “Why I became an auditor” but decided it doesn’t really fit in with the message I am trying to communicate. There are a number of people who get into auditing for various reasons but that doesn’t mean that they will stick with it, I changed the title to why I love auditing as it’s probably more enticing and appropriate.

Throughout my life, I have met many people who have decided to make a career change and get into auditing but have not lasted that long as they realized the lifestyle isn’t for…

As we all know, with the AS91XX series standards (and normal ISO 9001 actually) you are required to have KPIs in place to monitor your key processes. This has been in place for a number of years now and organisations are now tending to get to grips with the requirements.

A question keeps popping up recently with people asking what do they do now that they have achieved the KPI and they can’t go any higher? The KPI target and results maybe 100% which is obviously the maximum they can achieve but they may also be lower but realistically they…

I think the awareness of counterfeit parts and to a degree what you can do to avoid counterfeit parts is getting better but I often ask the question during assessments: “so what would you do if you did identify counterfeit parts/material”? The answer I get is that they don’t know.

All clients are pretty aware that they do not send counterfeit parts back to the supplier as that will make things worse but outside of that, there is a lack of awareness so I will highlight what you basically need to do. …


With the introduction of the new versions of the ISO standards and more emphasis being placed on Performance Indicators (clause 4.4.1) organisations appear to have forgotten about identifying and setting appropriate objectives surrounding their management system.

We often see the same old objectives stated or organisations are just using their Performance Indicators and using those as their objectives which isn’t necessarily the most effective method. Objectives should be about adding value to the business and achieving something great which can be interpreted in a number of ways depending on your own organisation.

Objectives should be supported by a plan and…

Mike Venner

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